Consumer Price Index

These releases provide information on the price change of goods and services purchased by Tokelau households. The information is intended to be published no later than the last week of the month following the reference period.

The Tokelau National Statistics Office collects prices for the co-op and bulk stores on all three atolls, as well as prices from service providers including transport, energy, and telecommunications.

Latest release

March 2017 quarter (published 26 April 2017)

The CPI fell rose by 0.7 percent in the March 2017 quarter, and fell 1.8 percent in the year to the March 2017 quarter.

Information posters
The TNSO has produced two information posters for the year to the June 2013 quarter CPI. The posters show the change in weighted average retail prices for grocery, and housing and construction items.

These posters are aimed at a public audience, and help demonstrate price change over time.

Available items:
  • the changing cost of groceries, in English and Tokelauan (published 23 August 2013)
  • the changing cost of housing and construction in English and Tokelauan (published 23 August 2013)
Information about the CPI

For information about the CPI, including background information to the construction of Tokelau’s CPI, and non-period specific data quality implications please see the Technical Notes document (published 12 December 2012). The information in this document is aimed at a technical audience.

December 2016 quarter (published 31 January 2017) September 2016 quarter (published 31 October 2016) June 2016 quarter (published 19 July 2016 2016 quarter (published 28 April 2016) December 2015 quarter (published 29 January 2016) September 2015 quarter (published 30 September 2015) June 2015 quarter (published 29 June 2015) March 2015 quarter (published 18 May 2015) December 2014 quarter (published 2 February 2015)
September 2014 quarter (published 31 October 2014)
June 2014 quarter (published 31 July 2014)

The March 2014 data listed below were revised in June 2014 due to omission of imputed beer and fabric prices from one atoll store. Please use the updated data in the June 2014 release and tables, and subsequent issues, above.

March 2014 quarter (published 30 April 2014)
December 2013 quarter (published 31 January 2014)
September 2013 quarter (published 20 October 2013)
June 2013 quarter (published 29 July 2013)
March 2013 quarter (published 17 April 2013)
December 2012 quarter (published 13 February 2013)
September 2012 quarter (published 12 December 2012)
[no prior data available]
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