Office of the Administrator

image-436 On 1 June 2022, Mr Don Higgins was formally announced by the New Zealand government as the new Administrator of Tokelau. He took over the role from the previous Administrator, Mr Ross Ardern whose term was extended as his successor was being formalised.

“The Administrator’s role is to support the Tokelau Government to deliver quality public services to the people of Tokelau, and to help manage the relationship between our countries,” stated Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon Nanaia Mahuta.

“Mr Higgins will also oversee Aotearoa New Zealand’s development assistance to Tokelau, which is focused on strengthening Tokelau’s resilience to climate change, and includes major investments in education, internet connectivity, and renewable energy.”

In late 2022 Mr Higgins travelled to Tokelau to meet with Taupulega and leaders of the three atolls of Fakaofo, Nukunonu and Atafu. In March 2023, he was present at the official opening and first session of the 11thGovernment of Tokelau that included the 31st Inauguration ceremony for the Ulu o Tokelau in Atafu. Meritorious achievements and commitment given the strict travel requirements to COVID-19 free Tokelau.

A career diplomat, Mr Higgins previously served as High Commissioner of New Zealand to the Solomon Islands and to Kiribati. And from 2012 to 2014, as an Adviser to the Tokelau Administrator of that time.