​Good Governance Training for Atafu Begins

10 April 2015

Tokelau’s furthers village, Atafu begins good governance training for its Council of Elders (Taupulega) with workshop currently being held on island.

Tokelau continues to provide the training to keep its leaders and public servants aware of the good governance principles – continue to make aware and encouraging good governing and best practice, mainly in terms of decision making.

All Public Servants in the Office of the Taupulega in Atafu (OTA) and Non-Government Organisation (NGO) will also partake in the one week training.

The Good Governance training is currently being carried out by private consultant Afamasaga Faamatala Toleafoa with assistance from Poasi Tuilotolava and Violeta Iosua from the Office of the Taupulega in Atafu (OTA).