Basic GIS Training for Tokelau was held in Atafu

26 April 2015

Tokelau Public Servants from all villages and different department met last week for the Global System training workshop held on Atafu.

The workshop aims to provide participants with an overview of the potential benefits of using Geographical Information System (GIS) to improve water security outcomes and other potential applications.

The geographic information system (GIS) training will enable the participants to visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.

The participants will be put through a practical and hands on exercises throughout the training. The 5 day training will equipped the participants with better understanding of describing basic GIS and GPS concepts, understand how Arc Pad is used for data collection with the Trimble Juno Hand held GPS, know how to use the spatial functions of ArcGIS, display layers, create and edit layers, digitise, saving and packaging map documents and create maps.

The training is conducted by Geoscience Division of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

Participants from the villages: Tegei Lui and Tumua Pasilio from Nukunonu, Lolo Vaimoana Tuumuli and Mete Lui from Fakaofo, Barbara Tali and Liutu Gaualofa from Atafu.

 Participants from the departments: Aokuso Vavega, Christian Perez, Kelemeni Tavuto and Jewel Toloa from Economic Development, Natural Resource and Environment, Faamanuia Aleni, Alosio Ioane Vaka, Kupega Foua from Teletok, Rosa Toloa from Health and Richard Lal under Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government in Planning & Monitoring Unit and Education.