Ebola Virus Disease and IPC Training to be undertaken for Tokelau Transporting vessel crew in Apia

13 April 2015
Awareness campaign by the Tokelau Health Department (THD) on the deadly Ebola Virus Disease & Infection Preventative & Control (IPC) has been ongoing for three weeks with Transporting vessel, PB Matua crew next to be trained on safety procedures to be undertaken.
The training will highlight preventative measures put in place to follow, and the right gears/equipments to ensure the virus does not spread from one to another.
The training implemented three weeks ago is standard procedure carried out as precaution in case direct contact with the deadly virus occurs.
Health care workers with support services members in Atafu and Fakaofo have already completed the training with workers on Nukunonu expected at the end of the month.
The training is being carried out by Dr. Lameka Sale and Babra Tali from the Health Department - both attended the Ebola Virus Disease & IPC Training of Trainer workshop held in Fiji Last month by World Health Organization.