Good Governance workshop for Council at the Tokelau Apia Office

24 April 2015
Tokelau’s quest to adopt good governing principles and apply best practise continues with a 3 days’ workshop held for the Council of the Ongoing Government at the Tokelau Liaison Office in Apia, Samoa.
The workshop aim to keep Council leaders aware of the Good Governance principles, its leadership conduct and ethics as well as clarifying their role in managing and governing aspect, and encourage to apply to carrying out of their key responsibilities and function.
Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau implements decisions on behalf of the General Fono (Parlimentary Meeting). These are the legal and administrative function of Council when General Fono is not in session.
Members of council highlighted the importance of the workshop and recommend the continuation of the activities, that leaders may be adaptive of its principles.
“Good Governance Principles and Leadership Conduct and Ethics are important very information for us the Council, especially to know how we must perform our roles and this type of workshop must continue for the Council. We as the Council needs to be reminded over and over again of our roles as leaders for Tokelau” Saili Peau, first female council member says.
“Good Governance is new, and since taking up the Ulu o Tokelau’s role, I have been going through a transformation as I believe I needed to do that in order to perform my national roles and deliver them effectively”, says the Ulu o Tokelau, Siopili Perez.
Senior Officers Kele Lui, Margaret Sapolu and Lise Suveinakama facilitated the training.