Good Governing and Best Practice Training Ongoing for Tokelau

7 April 2015
Good Governance training that has been and ongoing activity for the Government of Tokelau with Council of Elders (Taupulega) of Fakaofo completing another training last month.
The Good Governance concept has since been introduced to enhance the best practice and principles towards achieving the nation’s targets in the Tokelau National Strategic Plan 2010-2015.
“This training has been ongoing for many years. It’s being adopted to enhance vast areas, to emphasise accountability, transparent to integrity and ethics are always applied”, says Legal Advisor, Lise Suveinakama.
“The training has been undertaken for the Council of Elders in Nukunonu and Atafu as well Tokelau Public Servants (TPS) and National Governance Organisation (NGO) in the islands to have the good governance principles and practices apply within decisions dealing with financial budget, mandate in legal law so forth – that fairness and honesty is always applied”, she added.
Good Governance training is currently being carried out by private consultant Afamasaga Faamatala Toleafoa and Massey University from New Zealand.