Tokelau Explore MOU with Samoa to Strengthen Resilience against Natural Disasters

7 April 2015
Government of Tokelau meetings last week with Disaster Management Organisation (DMO) and Metrological Office in Apia look to explore how it could share related experiences in strengthening resilient against natural disasters from the growing impact of climate change.
The objective of the meetings was exploring a memorandum of understanding between Samoa (MNRE/Met Office) and Tokelau on disaster management that will look into developing of early warnings, training and keeping people aware - provisions that are required for the management of natural disasters such as tsunamis, cyclones and droughts.
The meetings with head officers, Filomena Nelson and Ausetalia Lea Titimaea look at addressing disaster preparation issues like standard operating procedures, citizens responsibilities, supplies and equipments, recruitment and training of staff and public education and awareness.
Samoa’s Community Disaster and Climate Risk Management Programme (CDCRM) by Disaster Management Organisation (DMO) were carried out in Tokelau last year, facilitated by staff from DMO.
Daily weather reports services are currently being provided by Samoa’s Metrological Office in Apia.