Tokelau and Swains meet to Raise Quality of Life for the People

25 April 2015
The leaders of Tokelau and Minister of Swains Island, Alexander Jennings met last Friday to explore opportunities to improve the quality of lives for their communities.
The discussion follows the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the Government of Tokelau and American Samoa in December of last year.
Talks between the leaders discussion highlighted transportation opportunities as well as developing sustainable food security solutions against the impact of climate change. Mr Jennings has noted the request from the Tokelau’s leaders, and is very receptive to taking these issues and insuring that the appropriate attention was given.
“This meeting has been long overdue. We have tried for the last 10 years to get to this point of our discussions. I am very thankful that the Ulu o Tokelau and his administration have invited me to present their request of Swains Island. I am also thankful to Governor Moliga of American Samoa for allowing this discussion to proceed. We look forward to incorporating these issues in our working relationship and to improve the quality of life of our peoples. I want to assure the American Tokelauan community that their long desire to be closer to their families in Tokelau will be realized in these discussions”, says the Minister of Swains Island, Mr Alexander Jennings.