Tokelau visit Samoa Relief Depot at Fagaloa

26 April 2015
Tokelau continues to explore strategies to strengthen resilience against natural disaster for its people, with the Minister of Support Services visiting Samoa’s Relief Depot at Fagaloa on Friday.
The visit to the Relief Deport was in close collaboration between Tokelau and Samoa, in their efforts against disaster management.
“Samoa leads the Pacific in disaster management and we would like to learn as much as we can. We are grateful to the Prime Minister and the Government of Samoa for their willingness to support Tokelau's capacity in this area”, says his Hon. Minister of Support Services, Mr Setefano Sakaria.
Government is also thankful to the Samoa Red Cross for assisting Tokelau’s delegation to visit the Relief Depot.
The Minister was supported by senior government officials that work closely in the nation’s disaster management planning.