Tokelau’s 2016 Census May Incorporate More Questions

28 April 2015
Tokelau’s 2016 census next year may have extra data collected as a result of more questions incorporated into the survey.
The additional work was highlighted by the Tokelau Statistic Manager, Kele Lui, due to meetings last month with the New Zealand’s Labour & Household section, International Merchandise Trade section and the Census section under the Ministry of Statistic.
The meetings discussed designing questions to specifically target development areas for Tokelau. The aim is that it could gather specific information to better assist in improving the quality of life for the people.
“There no baseline information to tell us about the quality of life for Tokelau, and there is an opportunity with the census next year to gather this data”, says the Statistics Manager, Kele Lui.
Statistic Unit is awaiting a framework from each section that’s relevant for Tokelau before it can be incorporated into the survey.
Areas covered in the last census survey in 2011 were demography, migration, economic activity & employment, social, education, dwellings and household.