Transforming basic education in Tokelau to weigh up Progress from Previous Workshop

8 April 2015

The nation’s quest in "Transforming basic education in Tokelau" is now weighing up the progress of its planning with its second workshop to be held in the atolls.
The workshop to be held on the atolls this month will see the principals and teachers as well as school facilitators brainstorm the progress of the work set out in the first workshop that was held earlier this year, under the "Transforming basic education in Tokelau" project.
The second workshop will provide the Tokelau Education Department (TED) details from all three schools with an annual work plan, start work on principal appraisal and set goals and targets for the schools, principals and teachers.
This work will also determine a four year work plan for the Tokelau Education Department.
Among other issues to be discussed during the week long workshop is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Council of elders on each village on the running of the schools, and its governance and management structure.
The workshop is facilitated by Massey University from New Zealand.
Transforming basic education in Tokelau project, held its first workshop in February, earlier this year at the Tokelau Liaison Office in Apia (TALO).