FAO project to develop Tokelau Landuse Plan

The Government of Tokelau has secured US$116,000 from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN). The funding will provide technical assistance for the execution of a Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) with a view of completing a Landuse Plan for the country in relation to climate change.

Climate change affects the physical and biological characteristics of coastal areas and modifies ecosystem structure. This problem is made worse by poor waste management, lack of proper land management practices and unregulated establishment of infrastructure. That’s where land management and land-use planning come in.

It is critical to protect the atoll country’s coastal areas and resources. Coastal erosion has become worse in recent years. Collective loss of much-needed soil matter and changes to coastline cause loss of terrestrial and marine life within and around the three Tokelau atolls.

The aim of this project is to ensure protection and sustainable management of Tokelau’s coastal resources (especially coastal hinterlands); to build resilience to impacts of climate change; to protect food and water sources; and to enhance the sustainable livelihoods of the local population.
The immediate objective of the project is to identify and map out the areas that are most vulnerable to coastal erosion and inundation. Then, as part of the corrective and preventive measure, vegetative barriers will be established along coastal stretches vulnerable to erosion. Replanting the coastal areas will also protect infrastructure, planned development areas and agriculture production areas.
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For more information contact:
Kelemeni Navucu, Manager Environment Division, email menny.tavuto@tokelau.org.nz
Tokelau Department of Economic Development Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE)