GLISPA invites Tokelau to join

Apia, 29 August 2014
The Ulu o Tokelau met this afternoon with the Chair of GLISPA, the GLobal ISland PArtnership. He is Mr Ronny Jumeau, the Ambassador for Climate Change and Small Island Developing State Issues of the Republic of Seychelles.

Mr Jumeau explained what GLISPA’s aim means in practice: “promoting action for island conservation and sustainable livelihoods by inspiring leadership, catalyzing commitments and facilitating collaboration among all islands.”

Mr Jumeau is a former minister for the Environment of the Seychelles, a small islands developing state east of Africa, north of Madagascar. He explained how he travels the world for promoting the cause of small islands, especially the issue of climate change in international forums including the United Nations.

At the meeting he was accompanied by Mr Sam Teicher of the Yale School of Forestry and Environment Studies, and the GLISPA Coordinator Mrs Kate Brown: she is from Samoa originally, but has been living near Washington DC in the United States for 5 years, lobbying for international conservation.

The Ulu expressed Tokelau’s support for the work that GLISPA promotes in terms of conservation. He confirmed that as Chair of the Forum Fisheries Agency, Tokelau is already advocating a more sustainable and meaningful approach to the marine ecosystems. 

As a country, Tokelau was invited to join in the activities of GLISPA, which can be found on their website
GLISPA Chair Ronny Jumeau (left), Coordinator Kate Brown (right) and participant Sam Teicher.

Above: GLISPA representatives and Team Tokelau share an amusing moment.

Right: The Ulu o Tokelau, Aliki Faipule Kuresa Nasau, with the GLISPA Chair, Mr Ronny Jumeau, international Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles