​Tokelau Public Service asks ‘are we doing enough for our youth?’

19 August 2015

Group photo-26 The Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau hosted a stimulating debate to mark the celebration of International Youth Day on the 12th of August 2015. The theme was ‘Acting with and for youth of Tokelau’. The question being debated was ‘Are the youth of Tokelau empowered to participate and contribute towards the achievement of quality of life in Tokelau?’
Participants shared their views on how and in what ways youth contribute and participate, and the obstacles preventing their full engagement.  
Whilst young Tokelauans were recognised for the positive role that they play in the village operations, there was a realisation that more could be done by the government, the public service and by youth themselves to improve the current status of youth.
Lise Suveinakama, the Programme Coordinator of Good Governance remarked: “the Breakfast With a Purpose session for the Tokelau National Public Service Apia with panels discussion on the theme “Acting with a purpose in a Borderless Public Service to deliver quality services for Our People” was very successful and celebrating the International Youth Day with a debate discussion was another excellent outcome and a follow up to continue the promotion and practice of the “Safe Zone” approach as one of the core principles of Good Governance”.
The Tokelau Good Governance Programme has initiated a series of debates and discussions with the purpose of stimulating and promoting a culture of deeper analysis of national issues and the generation of practical solutions from within the Public Service. Debates in the villages in Tokelau also took place to coincide with the debate in Apia.
The Tokelau Good Governance Programme is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Multi-Country Office for Tokelau, Niue, Cook Islands and Samoa.