Waiving the flag for Tokelau

The Tokelau government opted out of participating in the New Zealand delegation to COP21 talks in Paris. Yet, others are carrying the flag for the territory to highlight threats to its atolls from by climate change. A big rally in Parise had been cancelled for security reasons, but in London it was full on.

Doina Cornell of Blue Planet Odyssey took the Tokelau flag with pride through the heart of London last Saturday. "Lots of people asked us what the flag was so we could tell them all about the islands of the Pacific. It was a beautiful, peaceful march with all ages and all sort of people represented," she says.

Mickaele Maiava from Tokelau was there, wearing a traditional head dress. Mika said that Tokelau's geography puts it at sea level, and the rise in sea level is rendering the land where he plants crops useless. It is now poisoned by the salt water.He said his people had been shouting about climate change for years. He feels angry, but now more hopeful that action will finally be taken.