Message from GM, TNPS

This week I have commenced in my position as the General Manager, Apia (National Public Service of Tokelau). I am honored to be re-appointed by Council to serve in this role and thank all those who have worked tirelessly in the process. I have had the privilege of speaking with all Council members to thank them for their trust and confidence. There is no doubt in my mind, that at the end of the day the quality of life will be measured by what’s implemented and observed in the villages.

The expectations of Council cannot be achieved by one person alone nor a single position. With God’s blessings and wisdom I pray that we will all work together and continue to support and strengthen Tokelau’s future TOGETHER. The 4 key areas I would like us to target in our first 100 days together are:
  1. Benchmarking Tokelau’s quality of life;
  2. Completing the Tokelau 2016/17-2019/20 Strategic Plan;
  3. Unity of the Tokelau Public Service (includes addressing Relocation);
  4. Expediting our Development Enablers (especially on Transport (air-service) & ICT).
Underpinning these 4 key areas is the focus on the capacity and capability (including good governance) for our people and communities. In consultation with the Ulu o Tokelau I will defer my travel to the villages to an appropriate later date. With the blessings of the Council I endeavor to work closely with the Office of the Administrator to explore how they can better support our peoples’ development.

I would like to thank all my colleagues who have continued to take us through during the transition period for their hard work and commitment. I would personally like to thank Heto Puka and Kele Lui for their leadership, drive and fortitude – Malo na tamana! To the SMT – Hina, Tino, Sefo (& Tanu), Asofa, Dr Silivia, Aleta, Mika, Tealofi, Penehe and all senior officials – Fakafetai lahi lele! I would also like to acknowledge the support and contribution from our colleagues from the Office of the Administrator for the continuing support.

To all the members of the Tokelau Public Service at the village and national thank you for your service and dedication as we work together to improve the lives of our people.

Tokelau mo te Atua!

Joe Suveinakama, General Manager National Public Service, Tokelau