Tokelau announce official general election 2020 results

31/01/2020-Atafu, Tokelau-The Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau (OCOG)
officially declares the results of the Territory’s 2020 General Election held Thursday, 23 January.

Twenty-two (22) General Fono (GF) Members were elected from Fakaofo, Nukunonu, and Atafu for the next
parliamentary term (2020 to 2022). The Members consist of the three Faipule, three Pulenuku and 16 General
Fono representatives who will make up the 10th Government of Tokelau.

The 10th Government will officially start its term in March, when the First Session of the General Fono will
swear-in all newly elected Members, and Office holders.

In Fakaofo, Fofo Tuisano will take on the role of Faipule for the first time; and Mose Pelasio is re-elected for a
third consecutive term as Pulenuku. In Nukunonu, Siopili Perez is returns for a third consecutive term as Faipule
and Lino Isaia as Pulenuku, a role he occupied previously.

Atafu have unanimously re-elected Kelihiano Kalolo as their Faipule. This will be his third term. While
Faamanuia Tamoa will take over the Pulenuku role for the first time.

The 2020 election results see a number of changes in the Executive Council and GF Members. But the changes
are transitional in nature showing confidence in the handling of the nation’s affairs by the experienced core of
the 9th Government. They are returned to carry on the positive work, as well as the opportunity to implement
lessons learnt from the past three years according to Head of OCOG, Mr Aukusitino Vitale.

“The people of Tokelau have returned a group of leaders with an experienced core and new Members who will
bring their aspirations and enthusiasm to the service of Tokelau,” said Mr Vitale.

“At the same time, the 22 members have an immense task ahead of them. Institutional strengthening will be one
of the key priorities for the new Government. Consolidating the positive relationship with New Zealand as we
head to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of our relationship in just under six years’ time, another.

“At the end of the day sustainable development aligned to our priorities of fisheries and climate change has to
involve and include our families, community and people who are the owners of Tokelau’s treasures and
aspirants to a prosperous and enduring Tokelau into the future.”

Details Fakaofo (8 members) Nukunonu (7 members) Atafu (7 members)
Election Date Thursday, 23 January 2020 Thursday, 23 January 2020 Thursday, 23 January 2020
Faipule Designate Fofo Tuisano Siopili Perez Kelihiano Kalolo
Pulenuku Designate Mose Pelasio Lino Isaia Faamanuia Tamoa
Designate Taupulega

Tinielu Tu’umuli
Kaio Isaako
Pafelio Tumua
Alapati Tavite
Peato Pelenato
Sirila Enosa
Stanley Lopa
Teloloma Paulo
Designate Fatupaepae
Malia Pue
Hina Kele
Lepeka Amato Latu Lopa
Tofiga Teao
Aokuso Vavega
Havelio Tumua Nofo Iupati
Council Members

1. Faipule: Fofo
2. TBC
1. Faipule: Siopili
2. Pulenuku Lino Isaia
1. Faipule: Kelihiano
2. TBC
National Inauguration

For further information please contact: Mr Aukusitino Vitale, Chief Advisor to the Council. Em:


The official results were determined in accordance with the requirements of the National Election Rules 2013,
and the Constitution of Tokelau.

The 2020 election is only the third to be held under the National Election Rules 2013. However, while Fakaofo
and Atafu held their elections under common rules, Nukunonu conducted its election under its traditional rules.

The Rules, endorsed by the 2013 General Fono, provide a set of common conditions for the three Taupulega on
each village to standardize the election of General Fono members. The set of common conditions is
operationalized through an appointed Committee, to organize the election, supervise the voting, count the votes
and declare the election results.

Prior to 2013, there were no common conditions – election arrangements were managed and conducted
autonomously according to the rules set by each village Taupulega.

Voter Eligibility: To be eligible, an individual has to meet two requirements: age and residency.
Age: At least18 years of age.

Residency: (i) To have resided in Tokelau for at least six (6) consecutive months in the preceding 12 months
prior to the election; and (ii) is a resident in Tokelau, and is a habitual resident of Tokelau, who in the 3 years
preceding the election has been absent from Tokelau for necessary health, or education or family reasons; or (iii)
is working at the public service of Tokelau, village or nation.

Candidate Eligibility: To win a General Fono candidate nomination, one had to meet four requirements:
  • Residency: Be a Tokelauan who has resided in Tokelau for at least the 2 years immediately preceding the election, or be a Tokelauan who is a member of the Tokelau Public Service (village/or nation) and so employed for at least 2-years immediately preceding the election,
  • Be the holder of a current New Zealand passport,
  • Be at least 35 years of age; and
  • Not have been convicted in Tokelau or elsewhere in the last five (5) years immediately preceding election of any serious offence.
Term and Number of Candidates from each Village

The number of candidates for each village to the General Fono in accordance to the Constitution of Tokelau is
determined by the Population Count conducted by the Tokelau Statistics Office by 31st December of the year
prior to the election. Population Counts are conducted every three years.

Term: Members are elected for a three-year term.

Membership: The Constitution stipulates elected members shall be: the Faipule, Pulenuku and one delegate for every 100 inhabitants based on the last census. Furthermore, the Constitution encourages the inclusion of women as members.

Ulu o Tokelau

The Ulu o Tokelau is the Chairperson for the six-member Council of the Ongoing Government of Tokelau
(referred to as the Council). And therefore the titular head of Tokelau the nation.

The three elected Faipule each take-up the Ulu-o-Tokelau status for one year. The sequencing of the Ulu o
Tokelau follows a rotational schedule that allows each village to take the first place in the rotation in a given

The Ulu-o-Tokelau rotation for this term (2020-2022) is as follows: 2020 - Faipule Fakaofo; 2021 - Faipule
Atafu; and 2022 - Faipule Nukunonu.