Five More Police Officers into the Police Basic Training in Samoa

30 July 2015
Tokelau have more officers recruited into the Police Basic Training Course in Samoa.
According to the Police Programme Coordinator, Lise Suveinakama, the new recruits are the remaining officers that have not done the police formal training. It’s the last of the officers from the police force to be trained.
The Officers will be trained in an intense 16 weeks programme to equip them with policing knowledge and skills to enable them to carry out their duties as police officers more effectively.
The new recruits will be provided extra support as they are new in their roles and will certainly face some challenges especially they are studying in Samoa, the laws and systems of Samoa for and they are away from home their families.  Nevertheless, our police officers will learn new policing knowledge and skills and when return to Tokelau will quickly learn to adjust their knowledge and skills to the environment and laws of Tokelau for Tokelau police officers.

“These are the remaining officers to be trained from the island – there is one but not able at present to attend”, says the Police Programme Coordinator, Lise Suveinakama.
“They are new in their rolesand I know they will face somechallengesa in terms of the new information and the  pressureto performsuccessfully. So I’ve spoken to Murray Lewis (New Zealand Police Superintendent) on this and he agreed to provide our police traineeswith extra support.
There are three officers from Atafu, Faamaoni Reuelu, Soteria Reupena and Ioane Nuutuli, and two from Nukunonu, Kueva Iosefo and Viliamu Ioapo.
The four officers are among a class of 68 new recruits.