2nd tourism tour in Tokelau a success

The Second Nukunonu Tourism Tour took place on 15 July 2017, covering both the village and the lagoon. It followed the same outline as the first tourism tour, also held on Nukunonu on 16 May 2017 with most of the visitors participating in the Non- Communicable Disease (NCD) Summit.

The Administrator of Tokelau HE David Nicholson and some of the General Fono delegation participated this time, supported by the Director of Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE) and his staff.

The two-hour village tour started at 8:30am in Motuhaga, the Southern end of Nukunonu. The participants were welcomed with Nukunonu garlands of flowers and traditional sunvisors. One of our lovely old ladies, Mrs Elisapeta Wright, demonstrated how to weave a traditional hat and a Tokelau fan.

Mika&visitors450   Pictured above: Mrs Elisapeta Wright. Then in anti-clockwise fashion: The Administrator of Tokelau, David Nicholson with EDNRE staff Peteleema Eti and Wellington Legal Adviser Hannah Weir (photo credit: iapi).
David and Hannah with EDNRE Director Mika Perez and Statistics Adviser iapi Jasperse; and having a break during the tour (photo credit: Pete).

The tour then covered most of the historical sites, main buildings and different types of recent and current developments existing in Nukunonu. The visitors were glad to have rest at the Ana (Mary Statue) with coconut drinks; they then continued to the Northern end of Nukunonu before having a break and getting ready for the lagoon tour in the afternoon.

  During the lagoon tour, the visitors travelled by small boat to one of the islet called 'Tokelau'. This is where they were treated to a unique traditional lunch comprising delicacies such as raw clams and cooked coconut crab. They checked out some of the historical sites before heading back to the main village: fully satisfied in mind and tummy, mid-afternoon.

The department of EDNRE would like to say Fakafetai Lahi lele (Thank you very much) to the visitors both in the first and the second tour for participating. The department is trying its best to continue this initiative and improve the experience of future visitors.

Pictured left: (Above) Freshly collected clams were on the lunchtime menu. (Below) Hannah, Mika and David enjoying the feast (photo credit: iapi).

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