Tokelau COVID19 Updates

The Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau also as the Special Committee for COVID19
as established by the March 2020 General Fono met again on Thursday, July 16 th to address the
possibility of repatriating nationals who have been in Samoa for some time waiting for an
opportunity to return home.

In this regard, a repatriation sailing of the MV Mataliki has been scheduled for July 26 th .

Repatriation criteria is as follows:
  1. Tokelau nationals and Government contract workers who are usual residents of Atafu, Fakaofo and Nukunonu but have been in Apia for the following reasons: 
                    - Under the Tokelau Patient Referral Scheme
                    - Under the Tokelau Scholarship scheme
                    - As Tokelau public servants, based in any of the 3 atolls, but was in Apia for work related projects.
                    - For personal reasons but fail to return due to border closure

              2. Must not have been travelling outside of Samoa since April 2020 

Not eligible for this repatriation are:
  1. Tokelau nationals who are not usual residents in any of the three atolls
                    - This include Tokelau Public servants who are based in Apia and their families unless returning home
                    - Tokelau nationals and usual residents who has been in Apia (refer to 3) but wanting tocome for a visit and return back to Apia
                       within the next 6 months
                    - Any other nationalities other than those discussed in (3) above.

Should you wish to use this opportunity to return home, please contact the Department of
Transport, by emailing or by phone: +685 760 0341. Any other
queries, pleases contact

Safety of our people on atoll continuing to be of paramount consideration, the Department of
Health and the Department of Transport have been authorised to carry out medical checks and
required preventative measures and actions.

On arrival in Tokelau, the Taupulega, with due consideration of the protective measures under
the Tokelau Preventative and Preparedness Plan approved by the March 2020 General Fono,
will implement their respective internal controls particularly quarantine requirements.