​3 Days Workshop highlight New Concept to Encouraging Good Governance Principles for Tokelau

18 June 2015
Tokelau Public Servants at the Tokelau Liaison Office in Apia were put through training during a three days workshop held at the Samoa Stationary and Books conference facility at Togafuafua, Samoa.
The main objective of the workshop was to understand the necessity of governance and defining the difference from management, highlighting the importance of everyone role and how it fits into the governing cycle, understand principles and practises of governance and why, setting a conducing environment is important in encouraging Good Governance.
Various group activities and presentation was used during the workshop to deliver the information across to all participants.
The workshop impacted successfully, as to why an added session was carried out at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel on the 17th for all the Tokelau Public Servants in Samoa.
The three days training was held on the 10th-12th had members from all departments participating.
The workshop was facilitated by Massey University, Peter Allen and Tokelau Legal Advisor, Lise Suveinakama, and was funded under the United Nation Development Programme.