Home-grown fresh veges make their way to Nukunonu

27 June 2016
Three trays with 24 bundles of bok choy and herbs were prepared for Nukunonu households.
The first shipment of garden produce from the Nukunonu compound in Moamoa, Apia, was sent by the ferry Mataliki to Nukunonu today. Seia Mika Maiava, manager of the compound, says this is an important step towards Tokelau working on its food security.

Twenty-four bundles of bok choy were washed thoroughly and wrapped in strings of locally grown herbs such as parsley and Indian borage (milikini). The recipient families can use the bok choy and the leaves of the herbs for cooking. They can then plant the herbs’ stems in their own keyhole gardens that are being established in Tokelau. With a bit of tender loving care, these stems should regrow into herbs for future use.

“Soon through the Tokelau youth keyhole garden project I will not need to send these vegetables over.”, Mika says. “Each Tokelauan family will be able to grow, harvest and share their own while I continue with Dr Seumanutafa Malcolm Hazelman to mentor and provide technical training we practise ourselves from Samoa.”
veges-300 Right: The shipment needed to meet biosecurity regulations for imports into Tokelau, to ensure no pests are inadvertently being introduced into the atolls.

Left: The washed bok choy with parsley and Indian borage herbs to be wrapped around the bottom. Bok choy and herbs can be used for cooking, the stems of the herbs planted to let them regrow locally.


Mika says he is also happy to sell cheap vegetables to any Tokelauans in Samoa from the Nukunonu compound in Moamoa.

"And if anyone would like to learn food gardening: we provide a demonstration ground and will be happy to teach", he says.

Email contact: mikaele.maiava@gmail.com

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