Tokelau Handicraft Market Day in Apia a success

Apia, 15 June 2017
Tourists and local buyers flocked to the Tokelau National Handicraft Market day to grab a piece of Tokelau’s authentic handicrafts. The event took place on Tuesday 13 June at the Tokelau Apia Liaison Office (TALO), in the SNPF Plaza, Apia, Samoa.

Through the social media page of the Department of Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE), the word went out far and wide. Local and international buyers placed orders for this exceptional craft, found nowhere else in the Pacific. This was indeed an indication that the brief market day arranged by the EDNRE, Apia, was a success.

Following the Tokelau National Handicraft Committee (NHC) meeting last week, EDNRE organised a market day aimed at showcasing the genuine Tokelau handicrafts and carvings. The intricate designs and detail work mirror Tokelau’s unique speciality in handicrafts and carvings. The focus here was on home-made products; if one looks closely or hard enough, it is actually displaying Tokelau’s fine art and identity. The buyers fell in love with the quality of the products on show.

 Selina and Utulei from Samoa are happy with their  Tokelau purchases.

“Tokelau handicrafts are of higher quality compared to other handicrafts that are being sold here in Samoa, so it is worth a buy,” says Margaret Sapolu, consultant to EDNRE.

Handicrafts3-300 The department ensured that all the handicrafts sold are of the highest quality that satisfies the needs of the customers. Tokelauan handicrafts are well known for their quality: no weave is accidental but rather the result of priceless traditional intelligence and art.

A variety of products with a wide price range were on display for the customers and visitors. The Tokelau NHC ensured a fair value on the products that includes labour cost, raw materials, shipping freight and marketing costs. One may admire the finesse and elegant presentation of the handicrafts but it also comes with total dedication and hard work.

The Division of Economic Development, together with the Fatupaepae groups in all atolls in Tokelau, is now stepping up to develop the handicraft and carving trade of Tokelau. This will increase not only employment opportunities but also generates household income and prospective further economic development of the small island nation.

The sales of handicrafts will be recurring event and more information can be gathered from the EDNRE office, Tokelau Apia Liaison Office, SNPF Building, Apia; contact us on +685 7708444 or +685 7702396, or visit the EDNRE Facebook page.
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Story and pictures by Loia Tausi
Department of EDNRE
Mobile: +685 7708444

Published verbatim in Samoa Observer on 17 June 2017 at