General Fono Reaffirm Request to Extend PB Matua Transporting Services

22 March 2015

Government of Tokelau seek extension of the Pacific Basin Matua transporting services, as it awaits the completion of Tokelau’s new transporting vessel, Mataliki. Tokelau conveyed its request through the Administrator of Tokelau, Jonathan Kings by the General Fono (Parliamentary Meeting) held on Atafu in November 2014.
This was reaffirm by General Fono (Parliamentary Meeting) held on Nukunonu in early February 2015. The decision came after new information on the Mataliki was brought forth by the Transport and Support Services department.
Tokelau’s new transporting vessel currently under construction, was expected to take its maiden voyage in May. It has now been delayed and is schedule to set sail in July-August of this year.
The PB Matua’s is a short term solution to Tokelau transporting services under the Total Transport Solution Project. The current arrangement between the two Governments, New Zealand is responsible for chartering of the PB Matua.
General Fono discussion highlight the extension of the charted PB Matua is funded under a grant from the Government of New Zealand.
General Fono have also agreed that the newly appointed Minister of Transport, Kolouei O’Brien with Transport and Services Director, Asofa Fereti are to visit the construction site.
General Fono further noted that other chartering option are also available. That Samoa Shipping Corporation (SSC) vessels can be chartered under the Voyage Chartering Arrangement (VCA) agreement with Tokelau.