General Manager of Tokelau Energy participates in Pacific Regional Energy Efficiency Meeting

16 March 2015

General Manager of Tokelau Energy Mr. Robin Pene participated in a Pacific regional meeting on Energy Efficiency. The meeting was held over three days 3rd – 5th March 2015 and took place at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, in Apia, Samoa.
The regional meeting provided an opportunity to share knowledge and experience gained during implementation of the Pacific Energy Efficiency Programme’s (PEEP) throughout the region. According to Mr. Pene, the discussions and activities undertaken during the meeting were important for the strengthening of existing practices and the generation of new ideas that will benefit the further development in Tokelau’s Energy sector. He said:
The Energy Efficiency meeting has been of excellent value in providing refreshed guidance and ideas in the progress of the Tokelau Energy Sector Support (TESS) targets. It has been a privilege to have Tokelau invited to take part as a non-member”.
He added:
“The main topics focused on the use of efficient lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration. These appliances were seen and proven to have the most benefit in energy and cost saving. My purpose to attend this workshop was to gain latest information and developments in energy saving methods, devices and appliances available that can be implemented in our efforts in Tokelau to reduce the ever increasing demand on our finite renewable electricity generation available to the villages”.
The Government of Tokelau is currently implementing the Tokelau Energy Sector Support (TESS) project, which is funded by the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP). Among targets of the TESS project is to develop a household energy efficiency programme focusing on providing incentives to encourage households to exchange appliances with more efficient ones to reduce overall power consumption.
The regional meeting was organised jointly by the Asian Development Bank and the International Institute for Energy Conservation. Tokelau was invited to participate in the meeting as a non-member of the Asian Development Bank.