NZ Aid Programme to Tokelau under Evaluation

25 March 2015
New Zealand’s Aid Programme to Tokelau being evaluated, with a private consultant from New Zealand executing the task with support from Tokelau. The team is already in the interviewing process of key people to provide information on the progress and the quality of the programme.
The evaluation aim to assist the Government of New Zealand in advance understanding on activities achieved to help improve its support to meet the needs of Tokelau, and also fulfil its constitution obligation.
A Joint Commitment for Development (JCfD) between the Government of New Zealand and Tokelau was signed in July 2011. The agreement outlined key sectors where both nations share responsibilities to achieving the development outcomes. This work was partly funded under the programme.
The programme under the JCfD agreement supported the implementation of Tokelau’s Renewable Energy Project that was completed in 2012.
The evaluation is being conducted by senior consultant; Mathea Moorda from New Zealand’s consulting company, Adam Smith International, with Planning and Monitoring Unit officer, Margaret Sapolu, from the Tokelau Affairs Liaison Office, in Apia, Samoa.