New and Improved Ship-to-Shore Operations and Facilities in Design Phase

24 March 2015
The wharfs on each village in Tokelau will soon have new and improve looking facilities with much safer operations, with loading of cargo and transferring of passengers in upgrade machinery’s incorporated into the new designs of the Ship-to-Shore Project.
The new designs is base under the information provided from meetings held with each Taupulegas’ during consultations carried out in March 2014 by consultants from the New Zealand’s consulting firm, Calibre.
Taupulegas’ requested various areas to be improved in the operations and facilities, mainly concerning in the transferring of passengers and loading of dangerously heavy cargo with less impact of the growing aggravating sea swell.
Many of the requests put forth by the Taupulegas’ could not be possible or was best fitted with the most suitable solution. During the assessment process it was either found to have a great environmental impact, or too costly to the proposed figure estimated for the project.
Tokelau’s shipping services provide Tokelau with a reliable and safe service covering the carriage and transfer of passengers and freight between Apia and Tokelau that include the transferring from ship to shore when in Tokelau. The Ship-to-Shore project is part of Tokelau Total Transport Solution approved by General Fono held in Atafu 2010.
Calibre Consulting is a dynamic firm focused on delivering infrastructure design solutions which meet client needs. The company provide various solutions right across areas on urban development , energy and resources services, transportation,  buildings and structures, and water  and environment services. Calibre is currently managing seven other New Zealand funded projects across the Pacific in Kiribati and Tuvalu.