Tokelau Police training in Investigating of Crime Scene during NZ Police Visit

26 March 2015

Tokelau Policing will soon be equipped with the skills and knowledge of investigating crime, which will improve preparation of court documentation and various fields in policing with training to be held in the Tokelau Islands.
The officers trained and understand the importance of responding to complaints and situations appropriately; know how to effectively investigate; take statements; and document information to ensure the essential elements of a crime are gathered in preparation for a court hearing.
Tokelau Police requirement by law is to ensure all police officers understand procedures related to investigating crimes. The training will be practical and relevant to the style of policing required in Tokelau.
The investigation training will be carried out during the New Zealand police visit in late May towards early June. 
New Zealand Police Superintendent, Murray Lewis with background as a detective, qualified in criminal investigations, will deliver the training throughout all three islands in Tokelau.
The work carried out is part of the support provided under an agreement by Government of Tokelau and Government of New Zealand.
The main objective of the visit is to ensure Tokelau police are actively implementing their Policing duties under the legal framework with the right attitude, informing people of their rights, urgency, that the flow of legal matters are timely approached and ownership of all police related work and community activities.