Tokelau households to enjoy cost-saving benefits from improved energy efficiency

20 March 2015
Households in Tokelau will soon find themselves enjoying the cost-saving benefits of lower energy consumption.
This is the expected outcome from the Tokelau Energy Sector Support (TESS) Project, which is being implemented through a partnership between the Government of Tokelau and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
The TESS project will focus its activities on energy conservation, and will promote incentives to encourage households to exchange older appliances with new and more efficient ones that will reduce monthly expenditure by reducing overall power consumption.
The TESS Project activities will also include a review of the progress of the existing National Energy Policy and Strategic Action Plan (NEPSAP) from 2004, providing updates where necessary.
Mr Arturo Zabala, a Senior Energy Specialist from the International Institute of Energy Conservation (IIEC) will begin the implementation of the TESS project with a series of village-based consultations.
These consultations will gather important information regarding household energy usage, needs and opportunities for greater efficiency through improved technology and energy saving measures.
These consultations will be conducted during late March and early April 2015.
Mr. Zabala stated that the consultations would:
 “…provide information on the status of NEPSAP since its implementation in 2004 and assess the gaps between the existing Energy Plan and the Strategic Action Plan. The Household Energy Efficiency Program will focus on shifting from household usage of inefficient energy appliances to wider usage of more energy efficient models. The Program will include a plan for appropriate incentives that will help to trigger such a shift at the household level.”
A second visit to Tokelau sometime in July this year will see the implementation of the household energy efficiency programme (HEEP). The TESS project is expected to be completed by the end of December 2015.