Tokelau parliament pays respect to Fatupaepae Selina Kosema

  9 March 2017, Nukunonu, Tokelau

Hilia te tama pena fano ita
Te tama nae tonu ai kita!
Hilia te tama pe na fano muhu
Te tama nae tonu ai nuku!
Hilia te tama pena fano loto
Te tama nae tonu ai fono!
Outou Tino.

Tokelau’s 9th parliament pauses its deliberation to mourn the passing away of Fatupaepae Selina Kosema today, 9 March 2017 in Nukunonu.

She was 89 years of age and passed away peacefully at her residence in Motuhaga.

“It is Tokelau culture and tradition that all government and nuku services pause to pay respect to the departed,” states the Ulu o Tokelau Siopili Perez at the adjournment of parliament just after 9am today.

“Selina has been one of the cornerstones of our women’s development in Nukunonu for many, many years.

“Selina is survived by six children, three of them are overseas. Of the three in Tokelau, one is serving the Church, the other is a builder in the nuku work force, and Lehina her daughter is a member of the Fatupaepae.”

There will be church and burial services early this afternoon. She will be laid to rest at Kalivalio cemetery.

Tokelau parliament will resume at 8:30am Friday, 10 March 2017.

For more information contact: Mika Perez, Advisor to the Ulu o Tokelau – mikaeleperez61@gmail.com