Tokelau’s 9th government emphasize stability in portfolio allocation

Nukunonu, 10 March 2017
The Ulu-o-Tokelau retains Finance as Tokelau’s Ninth Government formalized its ministerial portfolios for its six ministers yesterday’s General Fono assembly.

Following the new Ulu-o-Tokelau’s approach of “learning by doing”, the portfolio allocation is based on continuity with re-elected ministers retaining their portfolios from the Eighth parliamentary term. While the newly created Public Services Commission has been allocated to the new Faipule for Atafu, Kelihiano Kalolo.

The 2016 Ulu o Tokelau, Afega Gaualofa will continue as Minister for Transport and Energy, Mose Pelasio as Minister for Telecommunications and Petelo Patelesio with Support Services.

The two new ministers from Atafu continue this approach by taking over the portfolios held by the former Atafu ministers ensuring any transitional information such as conceptual and intangibles relating to large projects and developments are within easy reach on Atafu.

  • Hon Siopili Perez Ulu o Tokelau (Titular Head)
  • Minister for Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government (including Foreign Affairs)
  • Minister for Finance
  • Minister for Justice
Hon Afega Gaualofa
  • Minister for Transport
  • Minister for Energy
Hon Kelihiano Kalolo
  • Minister for Economic Development, Natural Resources & Environment (including Agriculture)
  • Minister for Public Service Commission
Hon Fano Faiva
  • Minister for Education
Hon Petelo Patelesio
  • Minister for Support Services
Hon Mose Pelasio
  • Minister for Telecommunications