New delegates and officers sworn-in as General Fono remembers Iosua Aleni

The 2018 General Fono’s formal session was opened with a service by Reverend John Kalolo yesterday
morning. The opening activates Tokelau’s rotation of its seat of government from Nukunonu last year to
Fakaofo this year and sees a number of shuffles and changes in the make-up of its elected delegates and
institutional structure.

One of the four changes is poignant one. The passing of popular Atafu delegate Mr Iosua Aleni at the end of
2017 saw the General Fono observe a minute’s silence in his honour today.

Mr Aleni was replaced by Mr Famanuia Tamoa who was formally sworn-on Tuesday.

The second change involved Fakaofo with Mr Tominiko Kele replacing Mr Alesana Teao as delegate for its
Aumaga. Mr Teao vacated his General Fono role earlier this year when he accepted the invitation to take up
a seat on the Taupulega council.

The third change was the appointment of the Speaker and deputy Speaker. Both Speaker Mr Fofo Tuisano
and deputy speaker Mrs Sela Sophie Falilo Saumani were also sworn-on Tuesday.

While the fourth change took place on Monday when the Uluship was handed over to Fakaofo. Hon Siopili
Perez passing the Ulu’s executive powers to Hon Afega Gaualofa.

List of General Fono delegates in Tokelau’s 9 th Parliament:
Faipule Afega Gaualofa (Ulu2018 Siopili Perez (Ulu 2017) Kelihiano Kalolo (Ulu 2019)
Pulenuku Mose Pelasio Patelesio Petelo (Peter) Fano Mativa
Taupulega Represenatives Tinielu Tuumuli
Taupati Peleni
Pale Sosene
Salesio Lui
Lino Isaia
Alapati Tavite
Famanuia Tamoa
Seluka Enosa
Mika Kalolo
Fatupaepae Representative Malia Pue Lepeka Amato-Perez Latu Lopa
Taulelea/Aumaga Representative Tominiko Kele Falaniko Aloisio Tanu Filo

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PGNL8819-General Fono set-up-web
Fakafotu, the meeting place of Tokelau’s 2018 General Fono in Fakaofo

Handing over Uluship to Afega
Hauatea of Fakaofo, Nukunonu, Atafu hand over the staff symbolising the Uluship to Hon Afega Gaualofa.

Fakaofo GF delegate-web
New Aumaga delegate for Fakaofo Mr Tominiko Kele

Atafu GF delegate
New GF delegate for Atafu Mr Famanauia Samoa

Dep Chair web
Deputy speaker Mrs Sela Sophie Falilo Saumani 

Speaker Mr Fofo Tuisano