Travel restrictions and entry requirements for COVID 19 revised 19th March 2020

  1. Passengers (Tokelauans/visitors) travelling from or transit in countries or territories that has reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, will not be allowed to enter Tokelau. This will be effective from Saturday 21 March, 2020.
  2. Visitors from any country (with or without confirmed cases of COVID 19) will not be allowed to enter Tokelau
  3. Tokelauans travelling from countries with no confirmed cases of COVID 19 will need a medical clearance, 3 days before travelling to Tokelau.
  4. Tokelauans travelling from Tokelau to Apia and had acquired medical clearance from Tokelau, and will be returning to Tokelau within 3 days, with no travel outside of Samoa, can use the same medical clearance from Tokelau for re- entry to Tokelau. If in Samoa for more than 3 days, passenger will need a medical clearance from Samoa 3 days prior to travel to Tokelau
“Tokelauans” include Tokelau nationals, permanent residents, and Government officials working
in Tokelau

Contacts: Mr. Petelo Alapati Tavite, phone (690)24212; Ms.Liza Kele, phone (685) 20822