​Faster and Suitable Barges to Improve Quality of Life in Tokelau

22 May 2015
Tokelau’s faster and suitable barges to improve the quality of life through transport services depart for Tokelau. 
The barges that have been designed to not only provide safer transferring of passengers and loading of cargo, also built to adapt into the climate change environment on the island. The new design also feature with a driver’s seat and equipped with two Yamaha 150 horsepower motors will ensure improved operations is done swiftly.
In the absence of proper wharf and berthing facilities for ships calling into the atolls with passengers and cargo, ship-to-shore operation in Tokelau becomes an important part of the transport system in terms of safety and efficiency when transferring passengers and cargo from a ship to the shore and vice versa.

The cargo shipped over also includes heavy machinery equipments that will be setup at the wharfs to further enhance loading of cargo on island.
Tokelau’s shipping services provide Tokelau with a reliable and safe service covering the carriage and transfer of passengers and freight between Apia and Tokelau that include the transferring from ship to shore when in Tokelau. The Ship-to-Shore project is part of Tokelau Total Transport Solution approved by General Fono held in Atafu 2010.