Small Grants Programme (SGP) conducts validation meeting for its Tokelau Strategy

07 May 2015
The Small Grants Programme on the 30th of April 2015 conducted a validation meeting with the Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau to develop SGPs strategy in the country. The Tokelau strategy will be incorporated into SGP’s Sub-Regional Strategy for the Operational Phase 6 2015-2018.
Tokelau puts emphasis on taking an integrated approach and will focus on interdependencies in project targets and outcomes, aimed at contributing towards the quality of life for the Tokelauans. Currently, SGPs support to Tokelau is funded through the SIDS-Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change project funded by the Australian Government (DFAT) through SGP and UNDP.
Ms Lise Suveinakama, the legal adviser to the Tokelau government and responsible for civil society and community groups including women and youth:
 "The SGP is an excellent opportunity that is specifically targeting our communities in the villages, mainly our women, youths and men to take ownership of village initiatives programs that would contribute positively to the environment, their well-being socially and economically and especially to Tokelau as a whole. Nevertheless, I believe in order for SPG to be sustainable in Tokelau especially in the villages, there need to be institutional strengthening on the ground and in the villages to enable our community groups to successfully implement SGP sustainably".
The meeting was also attended by the SGP Sub-Regional Coordinator, Kilali Alailima noting:
“We have been very pleased with the high level interest in the SGP Small Grants Programme from the Tokelauan communities and the Government.  It is clear that Tokelau wants an integrated approach to addressing environmental concerns that builds capacity of women and youth for ongoing sustainability.  We look forward to being a part of a process that takes community ideas for a better Tokelau and helps to makes them happen.”