Tokelau reassures its community concerning MV Mataliki safety

3 May 2016
Pictured: MV Mataliki in Apia Harbour
The Government of Tokelau wishes to reassure her travelling community, in particular her people, that the MV Mataliki meets international safety at sea standards and is currently delivering reliable and efficient service.

The Mataliki received exemplary SOLAS ratings on delivery and its passengers have enjoyed sailing on her with positive public feedback.

The MV Mataliki is part of a bigger transport strategy that covers the safe transfer of passengers and cargo (including dangerous goods) inter island and to and from Tokelau. Tokelau is working closely with New Zealand to ensure that the total transport strategy is in place to meet the needs of our people and our aspirations for self-reliance.

Jovelisi V. Suveinakama
General Manager, Apia (Tokelau Public Service)