Tokelau COVID19 Updates

Work has commenced for the journey home for those who have already registered for
repatriation. Limited seats have been made available for us by Samoa on their following
repatriation flights from Auckland:

1. Friday 13 November 2020
2. Friday 4 th December 2020
3. Monday 7 th December 2020

We are also currently exploring an opportunity to bring our remaining students and essential
workers in Fiji directly to Apia rather than through Auckland. This flight is scheduled for
December 8 th , 2020.

Given the limited number of seats available, these are being allocated to our students, patients,
public servants, essential workers and those who had registered for repatriation by the end of
last month. This is over 100 people. For this reason, repatriation is being done in groups.

With a very short time frame to the first flight – 13 th November – we have focused on notifying
those for that flight. We are now in the process of ensuring that every person for the first flight
meets the entry requirements to Samoa and Tokelau. This involves being in managed isolation,
COVID19 testing, medical checks, etc.

We acknowledge the patience, understanding and support of ALL the host kaiga particularly
those for our people on this week’s flight. We ask for your continued support as we work
together to bring our people home during this world-wide pandemic.

Our office will notify our remaining passengers over the next several days as to next steps for
their journey home.

If you are in NZ and have any repatriation related queries, please contact:
 General queries: Sene Kerisiano, mobile 0211180834
 Tokelau Patient Referral Scheme: Sipaia Kupa, mobile 0272018372
 Scholarship scheme / Students: Rev Iutana Pue, mobile 0273955426 or email to Elaine Lameta:

Overall queries: Please email