MCS Training, Educational and Informative for Tokelau

5 November 2014
Tokelau’s Fisheries Policy Advisor, Alofa Aleta participated at a one month workshop held in Fiji.
The Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) workshop covered vast aspect of Fishery in the region and have improved his knowledge and were very informative, according to the Fisheries Policy Advising Officer.
“The training was educational and very informative. Learned a lot from the training in terms of how boarding and inspections are carried out. I have a clear and better understanding of the legal frameworks - and how I could apply it in a practical scenario”, stated in an email by Fisheries Policy Advisor, Alofa Aleta.
“The training highlights important area in fisheries. MCS covers all aspects within fishery - from the biology of marine stocks, controlling the activities of those involved in the fishery and ensuring that there is continual compliance from them”, added the young man.
“I can say that this training adds on to the degree of competency at which work is carried out at this level and that skills can be shared with other members within the division”.
“I hope Tokelau considers all aspects related to MCS. Fisheries is our only source of revenue, we have to make all necessary efforts to ensure that this continues on into the future. MCS is imperative in making this come true”.
Over 20 Officers from around the region participated during the training. Each trainee received a certificate.