The Ulu o Tokelau Calls for Unity in Engaging the Vast Work Ahead

Ulu o Tokelau, Aliki Faipule Kuresa Nasau
The Ulu o Tokelau, Aliki Faipule Kuresa Nasau at the General Fono (Parliament Meeting) last week called for unity in how to engage the vast amount of work ahead.
He stressed the importance of working together, as there is no other way to achieve these tasks. This included the ‘Change plan’ that will enhance the quality of services delivered to the people of Tokelau, and the Tokelau National Strategic Plan (TNSP) 2010-2015 to be completed by June 2015.
The Ulu o Tokelau also highlighted the urgency to act as this is the opportunity to make a change. He has made clear that improvement of quality of life, and it’s the legacy they want to retain.
Read Full Closing Statement by the Ulu o Tokelau below
Ulu o Tokelau Statement
Closing of the General Fono
Wednesday 26th November 2014,
Lotala, Atafu
• The Chair of the General Fono;
• Na Kau Hauatea;
• The Administrator of Tokelau – Jonathan Kings and Supporting
Official: Roger Cornforth;
• Members of the General Fono & the Council of the Ongoing
Government; and
• Members of the Public Service in the Villages and National.
 1.0 As we end this Fono for 2014, no doubt everyone feels the vast amount of work that is ahead for 2015. This includes the Work on the Change Plan and as we endeavour to complete the TNSP 2010-2015 by June 2015.
2.0 Tokelau there is no other way we will achieve these milestone tasks but to work together. I would like to acknowledge the patience and the confidence expressed by the Kau Hauatea. The Elders at the helm of the canoe is most vital and critical at times like this. I look forward to the support and engagement of the Kau Hauatea as we work towards finalizing the proposed Changed Plan.
3.0 Once the Change Team provide us with the final Report and a cost Implementation Report our plan is to send this through to the Taupulega with issues that need to be addressed. From the guidance and advice of the Taupulega a Reference Group, comprised of 2 representatives from each village will be tasked to prepare the final points for further prior to final input from both Governments  (Tokelau/NZ).
4.0 As mentioned in my opening the stars are aligned – we need to ACT while they are aligned. This is an opportunity that we can make a difference BUT we must work together and be united in our engagement. The last 2 days should give us hope that Tokelau is on the right path. We have shown through our deliberations our commitment and perseverance towards improving the quality of lives in Tokelau.
5.0 Finally, when you return to your homes, please remember that the improvement of quality of life is the legacy we want to retain.  Encourage our Police Officers, our teachers, our nurses, encourage our young people that this is all our task – no matter how big or small or how old or young we are – this is our shared commitment. To the Administrator, the partnership that NZ brings into this is heart-warming because it is driven by the common commitment to improve the quality of lives of the people of Tokelau.
6.0 To end my statement, I wish to, again, take this time to thank all the people of Tokelau, our children, families, Fatupaepae, Aumaga na Taupulega, Council members, the Administrator of Tokelau and our Tokelau Public Service for your support. I want to acknowledge and give special thanks to the Taupulega of Atafu and the whole village for their support, patience and perseverance in hosting this General Fono.  I wish Nukunonu all the best in hosting the General Fono and other milestone event next year.
7.0 As this is the final session of the General Fono, I wish to take this moment to thank you all for your support and caring for Tokelau as a nation. Until we meet again you have an enjoyable end of the year and festive season and I pray for our Heavenly Father’s guidance and blessings.
I will now close the General Fono and adjourn the session to a date to be set
next year.
Ke Ola ia Tokelau ite alofa ote Atua