Tokelau Aumaga Plan to Build Resort

5 November 2014
Lotomau island: The location aim to build the Tourist Resort
Tokelau’s Aumaga (Men’s working Group) on Atafu look to build a Tourist Resort. It is one of the major activities included in their 5 year work plan.
The initiative was a collective response from the men. It will earn not only revenue to support the group’s future activities but also to preserve their knowledge of the culture through activities arrange at the resort among other benefits.
The location is a small island not far away from the main land, Lotomau. They are looking to build beach fale’s (house with open sides with a thatched roofs) all around. They also aim to place the main fale in the middle.
“The resort will be just like any other tourist destination around the pacific”, says Aumaga Representative, Tanu Filo.
“The idea is to have a resort in our next five year plan. We are looking into generating income for the aumaga and also invite others from around the world to see our paradise – see what we are trying to preserve from being lost through the impact of climate change”.
“The island is small and we look to build about seven fales all around it and have the main fale in the middle. We will also have traditional entertainment to enlighten our guests. There are other day to day activities –fishing, snuggling and much more”.
“We look to cater for about 15 to 20 guests – its small but it’s a beginning”.
The five year plan is yet to be approved.