Tokelau Commence Preparation for Cyclone Season

5 November 2014
Activities during the Climate Disaster Community Risk Reduction program being carried out last year.
Tokelau shifts gear in its preparation after an overview in cyclone forecast prediction. Tropical cyclone within the Pacific region has increase 55% (14 tropical cyclones) above average from 1 November to the end of April next year.
Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government as the Disaster Coordinators has encouraged everyone to get well acquainted with the Tokelau National Disaster Risk Plan. The document state in details the approach and responsibilities of various appointed groups during and after a disasters.
Everyone during the next few weeks will carry out drills, check supplies and emergency groups to be notify in their preparation.
“The Tokelau National Disaster Risk Plan states directions and emergency groups as well as secure location assigned to ensure the safety of the communities in any disaster”.
Village Emergency Committee needs to get together and brief them with the Plan in terms of their role and responsibilities. It is important for people to know the Emergency Operation Centres and prepare safe houses that are in place”.
 “We need to check that sufficient food and water supplies are available on the atolls for the likely duration of expected threats such as cyclone. We need to maintain the security and protection arrangements for boats, essential equipment, and supplies in case of strong wind and storm surge. For Communication Coordination we need to ensure warning systems are operational”.