Backup Generators Installations Completed

16 October 2014
The last of the three Generators that was installed in Atafu last month.
The last instalment for the three backup generators to the solar networks on each of the three atolls (Fakaofo, Nukunonu and Atafu) has now been completed.
The installation of generators started back in July and with Fakaoko instalment completing in July and Nukunonu in August and finally Atafu last month.
“There were some delivery issues amounting on delaying the completion of the generator assembly on site. Fakaofo was the first set put into service on 2nd July, Nukunonu followed by on the 20th August and Atafu - that finally started up on 25th September”, the Director of Energy , Robin Pene stated in his email.
“The generators are basically there as backup generation as needed and adding much needed Battery stability. The backup is normally during periods of overcast & cloudy weather when there is insufficient sunlight to charge up the batteries for night time use”