Energy Poster Competition

16 October 2014
Tokelau Energy Department have implemented a poster competition as part of a program to raise awareness to the need to save energy. The Renewable Energy supply on each atoll is limited, so there is a real need to minimise the use of electricity and for people to avoid wasting electricity.
The competition allowed only to schools students up to USP to participate. The Department of Energy hopes that by targeting the school kids -the message to save energy in their environment will spread throughout each household.
“By involving the younger generation was to get them on board with energy saving in the home.  Involving them (school kids) will instil a sense of ownership in their environment and the need to save energy, this will in time then feed onto their parents”, says Energy Director Robin Pene.
“The long term vision is 1: to find ways to extend the electricity output to as close to 100% RE as physically and sustainably possible. 2: Complete the capacity training and program in the maintenance of assets to form a robust and maintained supply of energy”.
“The winning posters are to be used in the educational workshop program to be taken among the villages. The rest will be made into calendars other hand out to further encourage younger generation to come on-board when they see the results of their efforts”.
 The main prizes are expensive art equipment to allow the winners to take their talent to a higher level - all entries win prizes.