Mangrove to be Introduce to Tokelau

3 October 2014
Swamp Mangroves preventing soil erosion
Tokelau’s furthest island, Atafu will soon be home to swamp mangroves from Fiji - provided by the Secretariat of the Pacific Commission (SPC).
The introduction of the plant to Tokelau is part of the Coastal and Land Management project in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Tokelau Government.
The plant benefits Tokelau in many ways. It has the potential to enhance various environmental areas. It’s ideal for access to fisheries, protection from erosion and extreme weather events, among other benefits.
The plant is assigned to an area specifically for it to grow.  A study undertaken last month by Land Management specialist from New Zealand and SPC highlighted coastal areas on Atafu.  The location meets the requirements on the environment needed for the plant to grow.