Repair on Fakaofo Solar Array

16 October 2014
Work being carried out in Fakaofo - solar array system with cables being dug back up.
Tokelau Energy has been working on repairing cables that has been causing electricity problems to the generation and village of Fakaofo.
The problem first came to their attention during opening of the newly built School on Fenuafala. The power failed resulting in blackout for hours before it can be restored.
“The cause was found to be the array cables after exhaustive tests and checks. The array cables now have to be raised above ground to keep them as dry as possible. This is a very extensive job requiring a lot of hard work on the Energy staff. We expect to have the job completed before Christmas”, says the Energy Director, Robin Pene.
“The first sign of the issue was at the time of the opening of the new Fakaofo School prior to Christmas evening when a blackout occurred lasting 3 hours. It has taken since then until early July to finally confirm the actual cause. “, he added.
“The gradual break down of more cables since then has meant there has been a reduction in solar generation requiring more use of backup generation. Since finding the actual cause allowed a recovery and restoration plan to be actioned”.