Tokelau Exploring ICT Education

Front Row(L-R): Elaine Lameta, Danny Faleasiu, Niu Filipo, Seiuli Thomas Aleta and Leonardo Tuipoloa Back Row(L_R): Alosio Ioane Vaka, Fulitusi Alovaka, Paul Falavi, Livi Mativa, Timo Sini and Wong Tuipoloa
Tokelau’s Education Department is participating in a five days’ workshop to better understand what Information Communication Technology (ICT) is – from basic computer literacy to operating software’s like the Microsoft office applications.
The main aim of the workshop is to build capacity not only for the students but also for teachers.
The workshop will assist in exploring the most efficient use of e-learning resources and the best methods and processes of teaching.
The training will also determine how to put in place a system on how information is shared among all schools and how to address maintenance appropriately.
A data collecting system is to be setup to monitor students and their achievements, measure progress and analysing data for report. It will provide clear understanding of issues that schools might face.

The participants are visiting schools in Samoa. They will also be visiting the Schools Net Centre within the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC).They will observe the progress of the ICT programme and understand its implementation process.
There are nine participants including all principals and supporting staff from all three villages, Fakaofo, Nukunonu, Atafu and the National Office in Apia.
The Tokelau Education Department also acknowledged the support of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture in Samoa and wishes to express how thankful they are for the opportunity.
Livi Mativa, Tialeniu School Principal
Danny Faleasiu, Supporting Staff
Niu Filipo, Matiti School Principal
Aloisio Ioane Vaka, Supporting Staff

Seiuli Thomas Aleta, Director of Education
Timo Sini, Matauala School Prinicipal
Paul Falavi, Supporting Staff
Tokelau Apia Liaison Office:
Elaine Lameta, Workshop organisers
Manuele Puka, Information Technology (IT) Expert
Wong Tuipoloa, Academic TVET Cordinator