Tokelau to Participate in PACIOCEA Workshop in Fiji.

The workshop is a critical step in the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem Analysis (PACIOCEA) project.
Environment Officer, Christian Perez.

The one week workshop is funded by SPREP from the 27th-31st October.
The workshop will look at current marine environmental and socioeconomic issues including coral reef health, food security, pollution, migratory species and deep sea mining at national levels across the pacific.
 There will be 21 Pacific Island Countries including Territories and regional organisations that will take part in the workshop.
The workshop will cross analyse these issues using a participatory approach. They will design a set of future scenarios while facilitating discussions on policy delivery options for ocean management.
Representative on behalf of Tokelau, Christian Perez from the Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE) Department will attend the workshop.
“We’re aiming to make it a fruitful outcome for the best interests of Tokelau in terms of Biodiversity, ecosystem scales and climate change within the context of a sustainable environment for Tokelau and its people. In that regard, with the assistance of existing research reports and analysis materials illustrating Tokelau’s environment background provided through EDNRE department, relevant help from respected colleagues and conducted research will assist me in completing the weeks workshop task in Nadi”, say Environment Officer, Christian Perez.
Project background:
PACIOCEA’s general objective is to strengthen conservation and sustainable management of marine ecosystems, to foster ecosystem-based approach and to improve climate change adaptation in the European Territories of the tropical South Pacific and the neighbouring countries through the development of a suited marine spatial planning.
PACIOCEA will be implemented jointly by the French MPA Agency and the Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) in close collaboration with local governments, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC) and the French Institute of Research for Development (IRD).
The expected impacts of PACIOCEA are to contribute to:
  • the strengthening of capacities at Pacific Countries and Territories and regional scales
  • the establishment of marine protected areas
  • the strengthening of sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Improving climate change adaptation