Mr Aukusitino Vitale appointed GM for Office of the Council

The Commissioner of the Public Service, Mr Casimilo Perez formally announced yesterday the
appointment of Mr Vitale to head the Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government of

“Mr Aukusitino Patelesio Vitale has been appointed General Manager, National,” he stated.
“The position replaces that of General Manager, Apia. It signals the relocation of key staff from
Apia to Tokelau so they provide face-to-face advice and administrative support to those they

Mr Perez emphasized that “One of the key functions of the role is to provide better coordination
between traditional and contemporary governance systems in our endeavours to practise self-

Mr Vitale brings to the job 23 years of experience in senior management positions in the public
service, both in New Zealand and Tokelau.

“In 1997, Mr Vitale established Tokelau’s telecommunication company, Teletok. More recently,
he held the position of General Manager for Nukunonu Village as well as private secretary to the
Faipule of Nukunonu since 2017,” added Mr Perez.

“These practical experiences and his ability to communicate in three languages, especially
Tokelauan, meet the requirements of the position.”

Mr Vitale’s appointment will be for an initial period of three years, and will be based in Fakaofo,
Tokelau until the term of the next Ulu o Tokelau starts in 2019. He will move from island to
island on an annual basis following the Uluship of Tokelau providing a continuity of service to
each Ulu as they take on the chairmanship of the Council. END.

For more information contact: Mr Aleki Silao, Advisor to Commissioner Public Service | Ph:
+6857773302 | Email: