Tokelau Inter-Island multi-purpose built vessel naming Contest

Tokelau is broadening its horizons with the addition of a new multi-purpose build inter-island
vessel to its maritime fleet. This is an opportunity to put your name in the history books by being
the successful candidate to name our new inter-island vessel. Now, what will Tokelau’s new vessel
be called?

The purpose-built vessel will complement the traveling needs of the Tokelauan people. It will assist
in search and rescue operations while also providing a convenient way of visiting family and friends
between the Tokelau Islands. These developments have been in the pipeline for some time now, and
moving towards the end of the year, the vessel will arrive to commence its formal services to
Tokelau. When delivered in January 2019, the ship will be operated and managed by Transtok. The
Minister of Transport is now inviting you to be a part of Tokelau’s history, by partaking in a contest
to name the newest addition to Tokelau’s fleet.

The name should capture, in no less than 5 letters, the ship’s role as being the first inter-atoll vessel
for Tokelau Transport. Entrants can be as creative as possible in their suggestions. When thinking of
a name you should consider Tokelau and its unique features, culture, links to the marine
environment, and technology.

The three Taupulega are invited to host local competitions whereby a winning nomination from their
respective village will be formally submitted to the pool of names to be finalized and approved by
the General Fono in its November 2018 session.

The panel will go through the names submitted and determine whom the winning entry will be. The
winner of this competition will receive a cash prize of NZ$ 1,000.00.

Names that will be submitted from overseas, will be screened by the Board of Transtok where the
winner’s name will be submitted to the GF for its final decision. Entries from outside Tokelau can be
sent to the TSS Director.

Alternatively, paying homage to our ancestors passed, names of traditional vaka atafaga and tulua
used in the past can be a guiding post in the decision made for the name of the new inter-atoll
vessel. Here are some names recalled by some of the village elders, but there may be other names
added by the 3 Taupulega. 
Tate Himone Kaniere
Teine Te Fetu Te Lupe
Tuia Henia Filemu
Maletino Telehia Heipua

It is important to note that this list is not the entirety of names of traditional vaka of old and the list
can be added to by the respective villages. These names may serve as guide in terms of assisting our
old folks in recalling our traditional names of vaka atafaga or tulula while acknowledging the
customary ownership of the families that own these names.
To enter the contest, email your suggested name to your local panel representative:

Atafu – Tessa Kirifi
Fakaofo – Iuliano Tinielu
Nukunonu – Asifangalua Halaevalu-Pasilio
Outside Tokelau – Himona Mei

Terms and conditions

1. Number of entries: Only one entry per person is allowed, to be received by 23 October 2018.

2. Timeframe: All entries received, shall be considered by respective Taupulega within a
reasonable timeframe after formal receipt of entries on 23 October 2018. This will allow both the
Taupulega and Board of Transtok ample time to screen and finalise its entry to be submitted by the
TSS in its formal submissions to the GF in November.

3. Entry restrictions: An entrant of the contest must be an individual and not a company or
organisation. Directors, employees of Transtok are not eligible to enter.

4. Entrant rights: All entries become the property of Transtok and will not be returned to the
entrant. To be eligible for the prize, your entry must be entirely original and only created by you.

5. Judging: Only one entry judged by the panel to be the most suitable and creative will win the
prize. The decision by the panel is final and binding on each person who enters the contest. No
correspondence will be entered into.

6. Winner notification: The successful applicant will be notified, via the email address through
which the entry is submitted.